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Fig. 4

From: Mast cell depletion in the preclinical phase of collagen-induced arthritis reduces clinical outcome by lowering the inflammatory cytokine profile

Fig. 4

Preclinical FcεRIβ+ cell depletion influences systemic cytokine profile and peripheral leukocytes subsets. a Serum levels of IL-6, IL-17, IFN-γ, and IL-10 were quantified in serum of PBS- and DT-treated RMB-DBA/1 mice.(n = 15/group). b FACS analysis of the blood compartment for peripheral leukocytes (n = 15/group). (** p < 0.01 *** p < 0.001). A representative example of two independent experiments is depicted. DT diphtheria toxin, IFN interferon, IL interleukin, PBS phosphate-buffered saline, TNF-α tumor necrosis factor

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