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Fig. 4

From: Endothelial progenitor cells are differentially impaired in ANCA-associated vasculitis compared to healthy controls

Fig. 4

Patients with relapsing disease course have a more profound impaired proliferative capacity of ECFC when compared to patients with stable, nonrelapsing disease course. a, b Stratifying the patient cohort according to disease extent – limited versus generalized AAV- or type of autoantibody – anti-MPO versus anti-PR3- did not show any differences with regard to proliferative capacity of ECFC/CFU-EC-type EPC. c In patients with relapsing disease course, the proliferative capacity of ECFC is more impaired than in patients with stable disease. Horizontal bars represent the mean value. CFU-EC colony-forming units-endothelial cells, ECFC endothelial cell-forming colonies, MPO myeloperoxidase, PR3 proteinase 3

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