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Fig. 1

From: miR-155 in the progression of lung fibrosis in systemic sclerosis

Fig. 1

a Timeline of the study. See “Methods” for more details. b Heatmap of whole lung homogenate showing the expression of genes clustered using complete linkage hierarchical supervised clustering. Gray indicates healthy controls (HC1 to HC5; n = 5); orange indicates patients with systemic sclerosis interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD) (SSc-A to SSc-K; n = 12). Each miRNA was z-score-normalized across all samples and was scaled to red and blue (≥2 or ≤ –2, respectively) and white indicating a z score of zero. ILD interstitial lung disease, HRCT high-resolution computer tomography, PFT pulmonary function test, FibMax HRCT lung score, FVC% percent forced vital capacity, NSIP non-specific interstitial pneumonia

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