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Fig. 2

From: Periodontal bacterial colonization in synovial tissues exacerbates collagen-induced arthritis in B10.RIII mice

Fig. 2

Periodontal infection exacerbates CIA in B10.RIII mice. a (i) Visual clinical severity score in B10.RIII mice. Poly + CII group mice were infected with polybacterial infection first followed by primary immunization with collagen type II (CII) + complete Freund’s adjuvant followed by booster after 3 weeks with CII + incomplete Freund’s adjuvant. (n = 10); (ii) increased clinical arthritis scores in the hind paws upon concomitant periodontitis and collagen immunization. b Exacerbation of arthritic signs detected by in vivo tomography in B10.RIII mice. Photographs show visible inflammation in hind paws of mice (left). IVIS spectrum images show emission of fluorescence signals in mice (right). c Elevation of serum matrix metalloproteinase 3 (MMP3) in a mouse infected with P. gingivalis/T. denticola/T. forsythia (Pg/Td/Tf). Bars show mean ± SD. n = 6; *P < 0.05. Cont control

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