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Table 5 Linear mixed model of CD68+ macrophages spatial distribution within the synovial sublining: progressive decline in CD68+ macrophages with distance from the lining layer in OA and in RA

From: Inhomogeneity of immune cell composition in the synovial sublining: linear mixed modelling indicates differences in distribution and spatial decline of CD68+ macrophages in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Effect Disease Estimate Standard error p value
Intercept   5.23 1.91 0.003
ROI distance   −0.75 0.20 <0.0001
Disease OA 0   
Disease RA 12.6 2.6 <0.0001
 Interaction: ROI and disease OA 0   
 Interaction: ROI and disease RA −0.77 0.27 0.003
  1. Estimates without standard error refer to the reference category
  2. ROI region of interest, OA osteoarthritis, RA rheumatoid arthritis