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Table 2 Characteristics of JIA patients from the Oklahoma cohort

From: Whole blood expression profiling from the TREAT trial: insights for the pathogenesis of polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Patient number Age Sex RF status ANA status
1 9 years F Negative Negative
2 12 years F Negative Negative
3 9 years M Negative Negative
4 11 years F Negative Positive
5 7 years F Negative Negative
6 3 years F Negative Positive
7 8 years M Negative Negative
8 14 years M Negative Negative
9 15 years F Negative Positive
10 4 years M Negative Negative
  1. ANA Antinuclear antibody, F female, JIA juvenile idiopathic arthritis, M male, RF rheumatoid factor