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Table 2 Sixteen allele variants of the TLR10 gene found by next-generation sequencing in control and rheumatoid arthritis populations

From: A functional variant of TLR10 modifies the activity of NFkB and may help predict a worse prognosis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Reference SNP ID Reference allele Alternative allele MAF p Value AA change Functional class SIFT prediction SNPs3D prediction
rs10776482 A G 0.29 0.2306 D809 Silent nr nr
rs4129008 C T 0.01 0.5652 R799Q Missense
rs4129009 T C 0.271 0.1889 I775V Missense
rs10776483 A G 0.302 0.3296 H724 Silent nr nr
rs11466658 G A 0.026 0.1599 R525W Missense
rs11466657 A G 0.089 0.04327 I473T Missense + +
rs11096955 T G 0.422 0.07296 I369L Missense
rs11096956 C A 0.292 0.3918 P344 Silent nr nr
rs11466653 A G 0.026 0.5824 M326T Missense nr
rs11466652 T C 0.13 0.1403 K303 Silent nr nr
rs11466651 C T 0.026 0.5824 V298I Missense
rs11096957 T G 0.438 0.015 N241H Missense
rs11466650 A G 0.0005 0.137 L167P Missense + +
rs11466649 C A 0.026 0.5824 A163S Missense
rs10856837 C T 0.026 0.5824 T37 Silent nr nr
rs10856838 A T 0.146 0.5813 I13 Silent nr nr
  1. Abbreviations: MAF Minor allele frequency, + Damaging change, No damaging change, nr No records, SNP Single-nucleotide polymorphism