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Table 2 Theoretical biochemical parameters of peptide P725 and P258 as estimated by using the ExPASy proteomics server, proteomics and sequence analysis tools

From: Screening for peptides targeted to IL-7Rα for molecular imaging of rheumatoid arthritis synovium

Parameter Peptide P725 Peptide P258
Half-life 1.2 h 4.4 h
pI 8.90 6.78
LogP (of ionic species) −4.49 −7.66
LogP (of non-ionic species) −2.65 −0.31
LogD (at pH 7.4) −4.46 −4.58
GRAVY 0.344 −0.157
Aliphatic index 43.33 28.57
  1. LogP and LogD were calculated by using the MarvinSketch 5.11.5 software (2013, Calculator plugins were used for structure property prediction and calculation. Half-life was theoretically estimated in mammalian reticulocytes in vitro. Aliphatic index is the relative volume occupied by aliphatic side chains. pI isoelectric point, LogP partition coefficient, LogD distribution coefficient estimated at pH 7.4 and a salt concentration of 150 mM, GRAVY grand average of hydropathicity (predicts the hydrophobicity)