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Table 3 Lupus low disease activity state (LLDAS) frequency

From: Frequency and predictors of the lupus low disease activity state in a multi-national and multi-ethnic cohort

Descriptors of disease activity Number (%) (n = 1846)
1. SLEDAI-2 K ≤4, with no activity in major organ systems (renal, CNS, cardiopulmonary, vasculitis, haemolytic anaemia, fever) and no gastrointestinal activity 1171 (63.43 %)
2. No new features of lupus disease activity compared to the previous assessment 1574a (85.27 %)
3. SELENA-SLEDAI Physician Global Assessment (PGA, scale 0–3) ≤1 1400 (75.84 %)
Immunosuppressive medications
4. Current prednisolone (or equivalent) dose ≤7.5 mg daily 1258 (68.15 %)
5. Well-tolerated standard maintenance doses of immunosuppressive drugs and approved biologic agents, excluding investigational drugsb 1838 (99.57 %)
All 5 criteria present 810 (43.88 %)
  1. aBased on flares (see “Methods”). bCalculated as not exceeding maximum recommended dose: hydroxychloroquine ≤400 mg; methotrexate ≤30 mg; azathioprine ≤200 mg; mycophenolate mofetil ≤3000 mg; mycophenolic acid ≤2160 mg; leflunomide ≤20 mg. SLE systemic lupus erythematosus, SELENA Safety of Estrogens in Lupus Erythematosus National Assessment trial, SLEDAI SLE disease activity index, CNS central nervous system, PGA Physician Global Assessment