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Table 1 Clinical features at the time of blood sampling of 122 patients with systemic sclerosis

From: Analysis of complement biomarkers in systemic sclerosis indicates a distinct pattern in scleroderma renal crisis

Feature Data
Age, years 56.4 (14.8)
Disease duration, years 7.5 (8.5)
mRSS, points 11.1 (11.0)
Sex, male/female, n (%) 22 (18)/100 (82)
Subset, lcSSc/dcSSc, n (%) 81 (66)/41 (34)
Ab, ACA/ATA/ARA/ANA+/ANA, n (%) 34 (28)/22 (18)/17 (14)/40 (33)/9 (7)
  1. Abbreviations: Ab Autoantibodies, mRSS Modified Rodnan skin score, lcSSc Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis, dcSSc Diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis, Ab Autoantibodies, ACA Anti-centromere, ATA Anti-topoisomerase I, ARA Anti-RNA polymerase III, ANA + Anti-nuclear but not anti-centromere, anti-topoisomerase I or anti-RNA polymerase III autoantibodies, ANA No anti-nuclear autoantibodies