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Fig. 4

From: Comparison of treatment response, remission rate and drug adherence in polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients treated with etanercept, adalimumab or tocilizumab

Fig. 4

Drug survival during treatment with etanercept (ETA), adalimumab (ADA) or tocilizumab (TOC); weighted Kaplan-Meier analyses weighted by an inverse probability of treatment estimated by a generalized propensity score. Significant differences were noted, using the Cox proportional hazard model, between the cohorts treated with adalimumab versus etanercept (p < 0.001, hazard ratio 0.60 (0.48–0.75)), adalimumab versus tocilizumab (p = 0.001, hazard ratio 0.21 (0.12 − 0.39)) and tocilizumab versus etanercept (p < 0.001, hazard ratio 2.82 (1.55 − 5.14))

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