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Table 2 Sequence of the different fibrinogen alpha peptides in their citrullinated form used in the ELISA

From: Antibody responses to de novo identified citrullinated fibrinogen peptides in rheumatoid arthritis and visualization of the corresponding B cells

Peptide Amino acid Peptide sequence
Cit-Fib α 35 29-41 AEGGGV(Cit)GPRVVEZO
Cit-Fib α 216,218 201-225 KDLLPS(Cit)D(Cit)QHLPLIKZO
Cit-Fib α 263,271 256-278 QMRMELE(Cit)PGGNEIT(Cit)GGSTSYGZO
Cit-Fib α 425,426 419-432 NVSPGT(Cit)(Cit)EYHTEKZO
  1. O biotin, Z 6-aminohexanoic acid