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Table 2 Baseline CXCL4 levels are not correlated with extent of ILD in SLS II subjects

From: Changes in plasma CXCL4 levels are associated with improvements in lung function in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy for systemic sclerosis-related interstitial lung disease

Surrogate ILD measurements Pearson correlation (r) P value
TLC% predicted 0.123 0.154
FVC% predicted 0.089 0.304
DLCO% predicted 0.082 0.345
QLF-LM −0.027 0.763
QILD-LM −0.063 0.473
QLF-WL −0.034 0.703
QILD-WL −0.022 0.799
  1. Values are mean ± standard deviation, unless otherwise noted
  2. ILD interstitial lung disease, SLS Scleroderma Lung Study, FVC forced vital capacity, TLC total lung capacity, DLCO diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide, QLF quantitative extent of lung fibrosis on high-resolution chest computed tomography, QILD quantitative extent of total interstitial lung disease (including fibrosis, honeycomb, and ground glass opacity), WL whole lung, LM lobe of maximal involvement