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Table 3 Multivariable analysis examining the relationship between change in CXCL4 from baseline to 12 months and the course of FVC from 12 to 24 months (N = 97)

From: Changes in plasma CXCL4 levels are associated with improvements in lung function in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy for systemic sclerosis-related interstitial lung disease

Baseline covariate Estimate 95% CI P value
ΔCXCL4 −1.232 −2.405, −0.060 0.040
Baseline FVC 0.972 0.807, 1.138 <0.0001
Baseline QILD/QLFa 0.297 −0.496, 1.089 0.464
Treatment arm −0.361 −3.182, 2.460 0.802
  1. aDefined as the first principal component from a principal component analysis of the following variables: QILD-LM, QILD-WL, QLF-LM, and QLF-WL
  2. FVC forced vital capacity, CI confidence interval, QLF quantitative extent of lung fibrosis on high-resolution chest computed tomography, QILD quantitative extent of total interstitial lung disease (including fibrosis, honeycomb, and ground glass opacity), WL whole lung, LM lobe of maximal involvement