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Table 3 Genes downregulated in CD19+CD24CD38hi plasmablasts/plasma cells of patients with immunoglobulin G4-related disease

From: Circulating plasmablasts/plasma cells: a potential biomarker for IgG4-related disease

Gene symbol Fold change Function
TRF8 –7.34056 Transcription factor
SPIB –4.91502 Transcription factor
PAX5 –7.43584 Transcription factor
FOXO1 –3.15445 Transcription factor, anti-apoptosis
STAT6 –3.06941 Transcription factor, signal transduction
CD72 –17.9585 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
CD37 –9.23361 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
CD40 –4.37638 Cell surface, signal transduction
CD24 –22.3673 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
CD1C –3.49943 Cell surface
CD19 –2.03392 Cell surface, signal transduction
SELL –2.59485 Cell surface, adhesion receptors
CD22 –8.40913 Cell surface, intracellular signaling
CXCR4 –5.3050 Chemokine receptor
CXCR5 –11.9723 Chemokine receptor
CCR6 –20.5228 Chemokine receptor
CCR7 –9.86589 Chemokine receptor
–2.22538 Signal transduction
VAV3 –10.284 Signal transduction
IL6 –5.19 Cytokine
IL7 –9.61703 Cytokine
HLA-DRA –3.2849 Peptide antigen binding
BCR –7.43584 Kinase activity, protein binding
HLA-DRB1 –4.292155 Peptide antigen binding
FYN –2.82807 Tyrosine kinase
BLK –6.10205 Tyrosine kinase
BCL11A –14.6221 Transcriptional regulation activity
BACH2 –14.6267 Transcriptional regulation activity
ID3 –2.80866 Transcriptional regulation activity
CIITA –4.67153 HIA class II complex, transcription coactivator
IGF1R –5.53806 Inhibitor of apoptosis
ITGB2 –2.37331 Integrin