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Fig. 4

From: Presence of an interferon signature in individuals who are anti-nuclear antibody positive lacking a systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease diagnosis

Fig. 4

Correlation between interferon (IFN)-induced gene expression and the presence of specific anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA). The levels of specific ANA were measured using the BioPlex® 2200 ANA screening system, and participants were stratified on the basis of presence or absence of anti-Ro and/or anti-La (Ro/La), anti-Smith (anti-Sm) and/or anti-Sm/ribonuclear protein (RNP) and/or anti-RNP (Sm/RNP), or anti-double-stranded (anti-dsDNA) and/or anti-chromatin (DNA). Correlation between each cluster of autoantibodies and the IFN5 score for (a) all ANA+ participants and the non-systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease (SARD) and early SARD subsets and (b) asymptomatic ANA+ individuals and participants with undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD). Significant correlations are indicated. Dashed lines in each figure represent 2 SD above the mean for healthy control subjects

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