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Table 1 Identification of poor prognostic factors in randomized trials and observational cohort studies

From: Poor prognostic factors guiding treatment decisions in rheumatoid arthritis patients: a review of data from randomized clinical trials and cohort studies

Poor prognostic factor Outcome Study type References
Increased DAS28 or single components Radiographic progression
Absence of remission
RCT, cohort
[7, 9, 11, 15]
[12, 42]
Increased MBDA Radiographic progression RCT, cohort [21, 23]
Presence or high titers of RF and/or ACPA Radiographic progression
Absence of remission
RCT, cohort
[7, 9, 32]
Presence of erosions Radiographic progression RCT, cohort [9, 11, 14, 32]
Increased HAQ Absence of remission
Functional limitation
[12, 44]
Smoking Radiographic progression RCT [15]
Delayed diagnosis/treatment initiation Absence of remission Cohort [16]
Ultrasound Doppler activity Radiographic progression
Absence of remission
Cohort [24, 25]
MRI bone edema Radiographic progression RCT, cohort [2628]
Genetic predisposition (relatedness) Radiographic damage Cohort [29]
  1. ACPA anti-citrullinated protein-peptide antibodies, HAQ Health Assessment Questionnaire, MBDA multibiomarker disease activity score, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, DAS28 disease activity score of 28 joints, RCT randomized controlled trial, RF rheumatoid factor