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Fig. 2

From: TNF inhibitors appear to inhibit disease progression and improve outcome in Takayasu arteritis; an observational, population-based time trend study

Fig. 2

a Proportion of patients diagnosed in different time periods event-free, without new vascular lesions by years follow up. Patients at risk at 1 year numbered 14 in the 2000–2004 (00 − 04) group, 23 in the 2005–2009 (05–09) group and 17 in the 2010–2012 (10–12) group. *Comparison of the proportion of patients who were event-free in different study periods (chi-square test) after 5 years follow up. b Treatment regimen in the same time period. iv intravenous, po oral tablets, gcs glucocorticoid steroids, DMARDS disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs

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