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Table 2 Aggrecan fragments detected by Western blot analysis of bovine explant cultures

From: Coculture of bovine cartilage with synovium and fibrous joint capsule increases aggrecanase and matrix metalloproteinase activity

  1. 1) A = uninjured cartilage; B = injured cartilage; C = uninjured cartilage + synovium-joint capsule; D = injured cartilage + synovium-joint capsule; E = injured cartilage + TNF-α; F = synovium-joint capsule
  2. White to black graded boxes = time periods in days when aggrecan fragments were first observed in medium:
  3. Yellow boxes = detected aggrecan fragments without information when fragments were first observed:
  4. Boxes marked with a straight line ‘—’ = aggrecan fragments not detected