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Fig. 2

From: Effect of tryptase inhibition on joint inflammation: a pharmacological and lentivirus-mediated gene transfer study

Fig. 2

The lentivirus system promoted a stable heterologous expression of hSPAG11B/C. a. Representative agarose-gel electrophoresis of end-point RT-PCR for SPAG11B/C in knee joints transduced with pWPXLd-IG or phSPAG11B/C from animals killed 7 days after induction of arthritis. The lentivirus vector phSPAG11B/C (1 × 103 copies) was used as DNA template for the indicated positive control (+ control). Hrpt1 was used as an endogenous control. b-d. Representative confocal photomicrographs of GFP immunoreactivity (pseudocolored in green) performed in knee joints, evidencing the synovial membrane from a mouse transduced with 1 × 107 TU/joint of phSPAG11B (b), the synovial membrane of a mouse not transduced with lentivirus (c) and the hyaline cartilage from a mouse transduced with 1 × 107 TU/joint of phSPAG11B (d). The dashed line encircles the inner boundaries of the synovia and the arrowheads indicate the lining layer of the synovial membrane. Abbreviations: JC joint cavity, HC hyaline cartilage

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