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Fig. 1

From: Limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis skin demonstrates distinct molecular subsets separated by a cardiovascular development gene expression signature

Fig. 1

Gene expression in whole skin samples from patients with limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis (lcSSc) and healthy controls (Controls). a Heatmap: red indicates upregulation, green indicates downregulation. Gene expression in the limited 1 subgroup of samples from patients with lcSSc differs markedly from both the limited 2 subgroup and from healthy controls, which shared similar gene expression patterns. Sample genes of interest are listed. b Hierarchical clustering of genes distinguishing lcSSc samples from healthy control samples identifies three distinct clusters, termed limited 1, limited 2 and healthy control. Norm Normal. c Pairwise comparisons between limited 1, limited 2 and controls. Data are plotted as mean with SEM values. P values were derived from the Kruskal-Wallis test followed by Dunn's multiple comparisons test

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