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Fig. 1

From: Inhibition of T cell-mediated inflammation in uveitis by a novel anti-CD3 antibody

Fig. 1

Recognition of CD3ε on mouse T cells by Dow2. a Suspensions of splenic pan-T cells from normal C57BL/6JJcl donors were used for flow cytometry analyses comparing the binding profiles of T cells incubated with Dow2 to T cells incubated with control anti-mouse CD3ε Abs 17A2 or 145-2C11 (1 μg/ml). In each panel, the blue histogram represents the isotype-stained control and the red histogram represents the T-cell population stained with one of the anti-mouse CD3 Abs. b Binding profile of pan-T cells preincubated with Dow2 for 2 h and subsequently stained with 145-2C11. Representative data from three independent FACS experiments with similar results are shown. Ham IgG hamster immunoglobulin G isotype control

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