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Table 2 Strengths and Weaknesses of Autoantigen Array Methods

From: Emerging technologies in autoantibody testing for rheumatic diseases

Strengths Permits screening of many autoantigen targets simultaneously
Uses very small sample volumes
Can make use of stored samples
May detect multiple antibody classes or subclasses
Has high throughput capabilities
Permits exploratory approaches to find new targets Applies unbiased analytics
Carries generally lower cost per specificity than ELISA
Develops insights into autoantibody clusters and relatedness
Weaknesses Potentially difficult to optimize all targets in one array
Has batch-to-batch variability
Generally lacks standardization between laboratories
Normalization standards are variable
Has diminished sensitivity for low-affinity autoantibodies
May miss autoantibodies present at low concentrations
Some autoantigens are not suitable as targets
Results may be semiquantitative