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Table 2 GO enrichment analysis results of differentially methylated genes between AS patients and healthy controls

From: Genome-wide DNA methylation profile analysis identifies differentially methylated loci associated with ankylosis spondylitis

GO ID Description Genes P value
GO:0002504 Antigen processing and presentation of peptide or polysaccharide antigen via MHC class II HLA-DMB, HLA-DOA, HLA-DOB, HLA-DPB1, HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1 1.11 × 10–5
GO:0042605 Peptide antigen binding DHCR24, HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, HLA-DQB1, HLA-DRB1, HLA-H, MAML1, SLC7A5 5.14 × 10–6
GO:0042613 MHC class II protein complex HLA-DMB, HLA-DOA, HLA-DOB, HLA-DPB1, HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1, HLA-DRB1 7.97 × 10–6
GO:0071556 Integral to lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane CALR, HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, HLA-DPB1, HLA-DQA1, HLA-DQB1, HLA-DRB1 8.79 × 10–5
  1. GO Gene Ontology, AS ankylosing spondylitis