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Fig. 1

From: CD4 T lymphocyte autophagy is upregulated in the salivary glands of primary Sjögren’s syndrome patients and correlates with focus score and disease activity

Fig. 1

Flow cytometry analysis of distribution of T cell subsets from pSS patients and from HC. For CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocyte subsets, data are expressed as the percentage of each subset within the CD4+ or CD8+ population considered as 100%. Data are represented as box plots (white and grey box plots for HC and pSS patients, respectively) displaying medians, 25th, and 75th percentiles as boxes, and 10th and 90th percentiles as whiskers. a Peripheral T lymphocytes (%). b CD4+ T cell subset (%) vs HC. c CD8+ T cell subset (%). *p < 0.05 vs HC

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