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Fig. 4

From: Association of medial meniscal extrusion with medial tibial osteophyte distance detected by T2 mapping MRI in patients with early-stage knee osteoarthritis

Fig. 4

Histological analysis of medial tibial osteophyte and comparison of the osteophyte distances measured by T2 mapping and histology. a Schematic diagram of the surgically removed medial tibial plateau including the osteophyte. b Histological section of the osteophyte stained with Safranin O. c High-power view of the boxed area in (b). d Correlation between the osteophyte distance measured by T2 mapping magnetic resonance imaging and that by histology in patients with end-stage knee osteoarthritis. Bp Bone part of osteophyte, Cp Cartilage part of osteophyte

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