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Fig. 2

From: Childhood Takayasu arteritis: disease course and response to therapy

Fig. 2

Induction and maintenance treatment regimens in children with childhood TAK presenting with active disease (N = 22). Colored lines depict different therapeutic agents. The patients are grouped according to their induction phase therapy: 1. corticosteroids (grey) only, 2. corticosteroids in combination with methotrexate (light blue), 3. corticosteroids in combination with cyclophosphamide (dark blue) and 4. corticosteroids in combination with biologic agents (red) and methotrexate. The timeline is drawn to scale up to 24 months; additional time of treatment is shown in months between break lines. Also depicted are clinical events, including disease flare, death, tuberculosis infection at diagnosis and disease activity (active/inactive) at last follow-up

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