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Fig. 4

From: Use of a baseline risk score to identify the risk of serious infectious events in patients with rheumatoid arthritis during certolizumab pegol treatment

Fig. 4

Observed proportion of All CZP patients achieving LDA and remission at 1 year of treatment. a DAS28(CRP). b CDAI. c SDAI. LDA was defined as DAS28(CRP) ≤ 2.7, CDAI ≤ 10, and SDAI ≤ 11; remission corresponded to DAS28(CRP) < 2.3, CDAI ≤ 2.8, and SDAI ≤ 3.3. Missing data were imputed using nonresponder imputation. LDA Low disease activity, CZP Certolizumab pegol, AACI Age-adjusted comorbidity index, DAS28(CRP) 28-joint Disease Activity Score with C-reactive protein, REM Remission, CDAI Clinical Disease Activity Index, SDAI Simplified Disease Activity Index, All CZP All patients treated with CZP during the RAPID1/RAPID2 randomized controlled trials and/or open label extensions

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