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Fig. 1

From: VISTA deficiency attenuates antibody-induced arthritis and alters macrophage gene expression in response to simulated immune complexes

Fig. 1

Immunoreactive VISTA is detected in human synovium tissue sections and lysates of normal and rheumatoid human synovium. ac Normal human synovium. dl RA synovium. a, d, g, j Hematoxylin-and-eosin-stained paraffin tissue sections. b, e, h, k Anti-VISTA peroxidase staining developed with diamino-benzidine. e Arrows denote synovial membrane staining; rectangle encloses area enlarged in (gi). c, f, i, l Nonspecific isotype control antibody staining developed with diamino-benzidine. jl Neutrophils in vessel in synovium; arrows denote VISTA-stained neutrophils in (k). m Western blot of synovial tissue lysates from rheumatoid arthritis patients (n = 3) and normal synovium (n = 2) stained with anti-human VISTA antibody or anti-histone H3 as sample loading control. VISTA; V domain-containing Ig suppressor of T-cell activation

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