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Fig. 4

From: VISTA deficiency attenuates antibody-induced arthritis and alters macrophage gene expression in response to simulated immune complexes

Fig. 4

Reduced cell surface C5a receptor expression on blood and bone marrow monocytes, on neutrophils, and on cultured BMDMs in V-KO mice. a Representative histogram of cell surface expression of C5aR on BMDMs from wild-type (WT) and V-KO (V-KO) mice (culture day 5). b FACS of cell surface C5aR expression for cd11b+/Ly6G monocytes (mono) and cd11b+/Ly6G+ neutrophils (PMN) in peripheral blood and bone marrow of WT and V-KO mice. c Western blot analyses of BMDM cells cultured from WT and V-KO mice on days 3–7 of culture (left) and for day 5 BMDMs (right). d Mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) determined by FACS analysis of cell surface expression of C5aR on day 5 cultured BMDMs from WT (red bars) and V-KO (green bars) mice (n = 6). Student t test (two-tailed): **p < 0.025; *p < 0.05

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