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Fig. 6

From: VISTA deficiency attenuates antibody-induced arthritis and alters macrophage gene expression in response to simulated immune complexes

Fig. 6

Altered gene expression by BMDMs from V-KO mice induced by Fc receptor engagement. BMDMs from wild-type (WT, n = 2) and V-KO (KO, n = 2) mice were plated onto culture plates coated with IgG2a and IgG2b isotype monoclonal antibodies (5-clone Cocktail) or on uncoated plates (untreated). Total mRNA was isolated after 24 hours of culture and analyzed by NanoString using the Mouse Myeloid codeset. a Average mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) values for Fc receptors (I, IIb, III, IV) as determined by FACS analysis of BMDMs. (b) Genes that changed more than 2-fold with adjusted p < 0.01 shown for untreated (top) and IgG-treated (bottom) cells. c Clustering analysis of genes indicated in (b). Replicate macrophage cultures were prepared from two individual mice of each type (i.e., WT-A, WT-B, VKO-A, VKO-B) and mRNA analyzed individually

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