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Fig. 6

From: MicroRNA-302b negatively regulates IL-1β production in response to MSU crystals by targeting IRAK4 and EphA2

Fig. 6

Schematic model for critical role of miR-302b in MSU-induced inflammation. Purified MSU crystals cannot induce IL-1β alone and a second stimulus is needed. Food intake, alcohol consumption, or microbial components released during infection could synergize with MSU crystals to induce release of IL-1β and enhance inflammation. miR-302b works as a negative regulator in TLR and caspase-1 signaling by targeting IRAK4 and EphA2. Furthermore, overexpression of miR-302b and interference with EphA2 could also inhibit cell migration. MSU monosodium urate, IL-1β interleukin-1β, IRAK-4 interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4, EphA2 EPH receptor A2, LPS lipopolysaccharide, TLR Toll-like receptor, RTK receptor tyrosine kinase

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