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Table 2 CD68+, CD3+, CD20+ and CD138+ cell counts on paired skin specimens in the 28 patients with SSc

From: Characterization of inflammatory cell infiltrate of scleroderma skin: B cells and skin score progression


Clinically involved skin

Clinically uninvolved skin


CD68+ mean (SD)

26.3 (8.3)a

13.6 (6.1)a


CD68+ median (range)

24.5 (12.0–40.0)

12.5 (3.0–25.0)

CD3+ mean (SD)

71.7 (34.6)a

45.7 (36.0)a


CD3+ median (range)

70.0 (7.0–146.0)

29.8 (1.0–130.0)

CD20+ mean (SD)*

4.7 (5.9)b

1.9 (2.9)b


CD20+ median (range)

2.0 (0.0–25.0)

1.0 (0.0–11.5)

CD138+ mean (SD)

3.6 (2.3)a

1.9 (1.7)c

< 0.001

CD138+ median (range)

3.0 (0.5–11.5)

1.5 (0.0–9.0)

  1. The values are the mean (SD) and median (range)
  2. aMean (SD) and median (range) of CD68+, CD3+, CD138+ in clinically involved skin (forearm) and of CD68+ and CD3+ in clinically uninvolved skin (buttock) refers to the duplicate skin samples from patients
  3. bMean (SD) and median (range) of CD20+ was calculated considering only the 17 patients (60.7%) that had almost one CD20+ cell in clinically involved skin or in clinically uninvolved skin
  4. cMean (SD) and median (range) of CD138+ in clinically uninvolved skin was calculated considering 25 out of 28 (89.3%) patients with CD138 + cells in uninvolved skin specimens