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Fig. 3

From: Upper zone of growth plate and cartilage matrix associated protein protects cartilage during inflammatory arthritis

Fig. 3

Ucma does not affect joint inflammation in experimental arthritis. a–d Wild-type (WT) and Ucma-deficient (KO; Ucma−/−) mice injected with K/BxN serum to induce arthritis (SIA) (day 0). Clinical signs of arthritis including paw swelling (a) and loss of grip strength (b) monitored for 14 days. c At day 14 mice were sacrificed and inflammation in the hind paw quantified by histomorphometry. d H&E stained histological sections: WT (Ctrl./WT) and Ucma-deficient (Ctrl./KO) non-arthritic controls; WT (SIA/WT) and Ucma-deficient (SIA/KO) mice with SIA. Means ± SEM shown; n = 7 or 8 per group. Composite images of 16–30 individual micrographs, respectively. e–g Ucma or vehicle (PBS) treatment in mice with serum-induced arthritis (SIA): (e) paw swelling, (f) grip strength and (g) inflammation 10 days after serum transfer. Means ±SEM shown; n = 3 or 5. Ctrl. control, Infl. TV/TV inflamed tissue volume per total tissue volume, KO knock-out, PBS phosphate-buffered saline, Ucma Upper zone of growth plate and cartilage matrix-associated protein

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