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Table 1 Sample information for discovery panel and replication panel

From: Meta-analysis of GWAS on both Chinese and European populations identifies GPR173 as a novel X chromosome susceptibility gene for SLE

Sample Discovery panel Replication panel
  Female Female Female Female Female Female
Cases 562 984 3671 738 433 1025
Controls 1274 532 4174 952 699 946
  Male Male Male Male Male Male
Cases 50 63 365 NA 27 77
Controls 919 673 2785 NA 266 1381
  1. The discovery panel includes data from three genome-wide association studies (GWAS): Hong Kong (HK_GWAS), Anhui Province (AH_GWAS), and the United Kingdom (UK_GWAS). The replication panel consists of three cohorts: Hong Kong (HK_REP), Thailand (TH_REP), and Anhui Province (AH_REP). In all six datasets, females comprised around 90% of the patients, which is consistent with the female predominance for systemic lupus erythematosus