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Table 2 Definitions of TcpO2 quantities

From: The effects of upper and lower limb exercise on the microvascular reactivity in limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis patients

TcpO2 quantity Definition
Baseline The arithmetic mean of maximum TcpO2 at rest.
TcpO2max The highest TcpO2 value recorded every minute of exercise or at rest.
Maximum change from baseline (ΔTcpO2max) The outcome of the subtraction of baseline from TcpO2max: e.g. TcpO2max - baseline
Changes in transcutaneous oxygen pressure (ΔTcpO2) The average sum of the change from baseline at rest and exercise period: e.g. (Σ)ΔY1…n) / n) = ΔTcpO2
  1. ΔTcpO 2 transcutaneous oxygen tension