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Table 4: Articles reviewed in full, but subsequently excluded (n=35)

From: Obesity, hypertension and diuretic use as risk factors for incident gout: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies

Author Year Article title Reason for exclusion
Ogryzlo 1960 The renal factor in the etiology of primary gout Not cohort
Mertz & Schindera 1968 Secondary gout six years after acute renal failure Not cohort
De Muckadall & Gyntelberg 1976 Occurrence of gout in Copenhagen males aged 40-59 Gout not an outcome
Seidell et al 1985 Fat distribution of overweight persons in relation to morbidity and subjective health Gout not an outcome
Tsitlanadze et al 1987 Incidence and various risk factors for gout in the Georgian SSR Not cohort
Van Noord et al 1990 The relationship between fat distribution and some chronic diseases in 11,825 women participating in the DOM-project Gout not an outcome
Hoiberg & McNally 1991 Profiling overweight patients in the US Navy: Health conditions and costs Based on RCT
Scott & Higgens 1992 Diuretic induced gout: A multifactorial condition Not cohort
Youssef et al 1995 Does renal impairment protect from gout? Not cohort
Gurwitz et al 1997 Thiazide diuretics and the initiation of anti-gout therapy Not cohort
Lin et al 2000 Community based epidemiological study on hyperuricemia and gout in Kin-Hu, Kinmen Not general population
Lin et al 2000 The interaction between uric acid level and other risk factors on the development of gout among asymptomatic hyperuricemic men in a prospective study Not cohort
Takahashi et al 2000 Increased visceral fat accumulation in patients with primary gout Not cohort
Lin et al 2006 Association of obesity and chronic disease in Taiwan Not cohort
Miao et al 2008 Dietary and lifestyle changes associated with high prevalence of hyperuricemia and gout in the Shandong coastal cities of Eastern China Not cohort
Zhu et al 2010 The serum urate-lowering impact of weight loss among men with a high cardiovascular risk profile: the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial Not cohort
Barskova et al 2011 Main factors of gender dimorphism of gout (estrogens and diuretics vs alcohol and genetics) Not cohort
Chang 2011 Dietary intake and the risk of hyperuricemia, gout and chronic kidney disease in elderly Taiwanese men Not cohort
Kawashima et al 2011 Association between asymptomatic hyperuricemia and new-onset chronic kidney disease in Japanese male workers: a long-term retrospective cohort study Gout not an outcome
Primatesta et al 2011 Gout treatment and comorbidities: A retrospective cohort study in a large US managed care population Gout not an outcome
Lin et al 2012 Prevalence of hyperuricemia and its association with antihypertensive treatment in hypertensive patients in Taiwan Not cohort
Chen et al 2013 Impact of obesity and hypertriglyceridemia on gout development with or without hyperuricemia: A prospective study Not cohort
Krishnan 2013 Chronic kidney disease and the risk of incident gout among middle-aged men: a seven-year prospective observational study Not cohort
Lin et al 2013 The association of anthopometry indices with gout in Taiwanese men Not cohort
McAdams-DeMarco et al 2013 A urate gene-by-diuretic interaction and gout risk in participants with hypertension: results from the ARIC study Not cohort
Ozturk et al 2013 Demographic and clinical features of gout patients in Turkey: a multicenter study Not general population
Wang et al 2013 Risk factors for gout developed from hyperuricemia in China: a five-year prospective cohort study Not general population
Lu et al 2014 Contemporary epidemiology of gout and hyperuricemia in community elderly in Beijing Gout not an outcome
Pan et al 2015 Bidirectional association between hypertension and gout: The Singapore chinese health study Not cohort
Wang et al 2015 Chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for incident gout among men and women: retrospective cohort study using data from the Framingham Heart Study Not general population
Abeles et al 2015 Hyperuricemia, gout, and cardiovascular disease: an update Not cohort
Bao et al 2015 Lack of gene-diuretic interactions on the risk of incident gout: the Nurses' Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study Not general population
Jing et al 2015 Prevalence and correlates of gout in a large cohort of patients with chronic kidney disease: the German Chronic Kidney Disease (GCKD) study Not general population
Dalbeth et al 2015 Body mass index modulates the relationship of sugar-sweetened beverage intake with serum urate concentrations and gout Not cohort
Drivelegka et al 2016 Comorbidity pattern at the time of gout diagnosis: A population- and register-based case-control study from Western Sweden Not cohort