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Table 3 Change from baseline to week 24 with sarilumab 200 mg or adalimumab 40 mg every 2 weeks

From: Patient-reported outcomes from a randomized phase III trial of sarilumab monotherapy versus adalimumab monotherapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Abbreviations: ACR American College of Rheumatology; FACIT-F Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy–Fatigue; HAQ-DI Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; LSM Least-squares mean; MCS Mental Component Summary; N/A Not applicable; PCS Physical Component Summary; PtGA Patient global assessment of disease activity; q2w Every 2 weeks; RAID Rheumatoid Arthritis Impact of Disease; SC Subcutaneous; SF-36 36-item Short Form Health Survey; VAS Visual analogue scale; WPS-RA Rheumatoid arthritis-specific Work Productivity Survey
  2. aLSM between-group differences (sarilumab vs. adalimumab). All p values below the solid line are nominal (see the Methods section of text)
  3. bGlobal test for the change from baseline in the eight WPS-RA scores
  4. cNumber of patients included in the analysis for this element of the WPS-RA score: adalimumab group, n = 60; sarilumab group, n = 70
  5. dNumber of patients included in this element of the WPS-RA score: adalimumab group, n = 57; sarilumab group, n = 68