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Table 2 Safety data

From: Is local platelet-rich plasma injection clinically superior to hyaluronic acid for treatment of knee osteoarthritis? A systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Study Adverse events
Cerza et al. [22] No adverse reactions. None were observed in our series.
Filardo et al., 2012 [11] Only minor adverse events were detected in some patients, such as mild pain and effusion after the injections, in particular in the PRP group, where a significantly higher post-injective pain reaction was observed (P = 0.039). However, this reaction was self-limiting within a few days and did not compromise the overall outcome.
Sanchez et al.. [24] Adverse events were generally mild and evenly distributed between the groups (P < 0.811). Most of these adverse events (96% in the PRGF-Endoret® group and 92% in the HA group) were not related to the type of treatment.
Vaquerizo et al. [25] Sixteen adverse events, 8 in the PRGF-Endoret® group and 8 in the HA group, were reported during the study. Adverse events were generally mild and evenly distributed between the groups (P = 0.610). Seven of 8 adverse events in the HA group and all the events in the PRGF-Endoret® group were related to pain associated with the infiltration.
Filardo et al., 2015 [23] Two patients reported severe pain and swelling after HA injections, while no major adverse events were noted in the PRP group. However, PRP presented overall significantly more postinjection swelling and pain.
Raeissadat et al.......... [13] The present authors had previously performed studies to evaluate the clinical application of PRP, and recorded safety and positive findings. It was a prospective study published in 2013 on 60 patients treated with two injections of PRP (1 every 4 weeks).
Montañez-Heredia et al. [14] Adverse events relating to infiltration were infrequent, mild and appeared immediately, and their distribution between both groups did not show significant differences. There was pain related to infiltration in nine of 27 PRP injections and in four of 26 for HA, but only one patient (in PRP group) had transitory swelling that resolved itself. No relationship between these events and the growth factor or blood cell composition of PRP was found.
  1. HA Hyaluronic acid, PRGF-Endoret® Plasma rich in growth factors, PRP Platelet-rich plasma