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Table 1 TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays

From: Immune complexes containing scleroderma-specific autoantibodies induce a profibrotic and proinflammatory phenotype in skin fibroblasts

Gene TaqMan® Gene Expression ID
tlr2 Hs01872448_s1
tlr3 Hs01551078_m1
tlr4 Hs00152939_m1
tlr7 Hs01933259_s1
tlr8 Hs00152972_m1
tlr9 Hs00370913_s1
ifn-α Hs00855471_g1
ifn-β Hs01077958_s1
et-1 Hs00174961_m1
colIα1 Hs00164004_m1
mmp-1 Hs00899658_m1
gapdh Hs99999905_m1