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Fig. 2

From: Disease-specific composite measures for psoriatic arthritis are highly responsive to a Janus kinase inhibitor treatment that targets multiple domains of disease

Fig. 2

PASDAS response rates for patients with baseline PASDAS >3.2 (FAS). *P≤0.05, ***P<0.001 versus placebo. PASDAS response was defined as the percentage of patients who had a PASDAS score ≤3.2 and a decrease from baseline in PASDAS score ≥1.6 at the relevant time point. A missing PASDAS response at a given time point was imputed as non-response. Abbreviations: BID twice daily, FAS full analysis set, N number of patients with baseline PASDAS >3.2 in the FAS, OPAL Oral Psoriatic Arthritis triaL, PASDAS Psoriatic Arthritis Disease Activity Score, Q2W once every 2 weeks, SC subcutaneous, SE standard error

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