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Table 1 Components of the composite endpoints PASDAS, DAPSA, CPDAI, and DAS28–3(CRP)

From: Disease-specific composite measures for psoriatic arthritis are highly responsive to a Janus kinase inhibitor treatment that targets multiple domains of disease

  Skin manifestations Enthesitis Dactylitis Joints Axial PROs
PASDAS [11]  
DAPSA [6]      
CPDAI [12]
DAS28–3(CRP) [13]       
  1. Abbreviations: CPDAI Composite Psoriatic Disease Activity Index, DAPSA Disease Activity Index for Psoriatic Arthritis, DAS28–3(CRP) 3-component Disease Activity Score using 28 joints with C-reactive protein, PASDAS Psoriatic Arthritis Disease Activity Score, PRO patient-reported outcomes