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Table 2 RAEH content validity according to the Validation Expert Committee (VEC)

From: Psychometric validation of an empowerment scale for Spanish-speaking patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Empowerment subscales Items VEC*
Essential Clarity CS accuracy
Self-control I know what parts of taking care of my rheumatoid arthritis that I am dissatisfied with. 83 100 100
Self-efficacy I am able to achieve my rheumatoid arthritis goals through concrete actions. 100 100 100
Problem solving I can try out different ways of overcoming barriers to achieve my rheumatoid arthritis goals. 83 100 100
Psychosocial coping/Coping with emotional aspects I can find ways to feel good having rheumatoid arthritis. 100 100 100
Psychosocial coping/Stress management I can use positive ways to cope with rheumatoid arthritis-related stress. 100 100 80
Support I can find support to care for my rheumatoid arthritis. 83 100 100
Motivation I recognize what helps me stay motivated to care for my rheumatoid arthritis. 83 100 100
Decision making I know enough about myself to make rheumatoid arthritis care choices that are the most convenient to me. 83 100 100
  1. CS cultural semantic (accuracy), RAEH Rheumatoid Arthritis Empowerment Scale for Hispanic patients
  2. *% of agreement among members of the VEC