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Fig. 3

From: Improved patient-reported outcomes in patients with psoriatic arthritis treated with abatacept: results from a phase 3 trial

Fig. 3

Abatacept/placebo SF-36 domain scores (baseline, weeks 16, 24) versus normative population (a, overall; b, CRP > ULN). Normative values for SF-36 individual domains were defined based on matching the age/gender distribution of this protocol population to US 1999 norms in patients without chronic disease or arthritis [20, 34]: PF and RP 81.9, BP 69.7, GH 70.4, VT 59.3, SF 84.4, RE 87.8, MH 75.6. A/G age/gender, BP bodily pain, CRP C-reactive protein, GH general health, MH mental health, PF physical function, RE role–emotional, RP role–physical, SF social function, SF-36 Short-Form 36, ULN upper limit of normal, VT vitality

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