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Table 7 The International Classification of Diseases-10 coding of CTD and invasive mycoses

From: Invasive mycoses in patients with connective tissue disease from Southern China: clinical features and associated factors

Disease ICD-10 coding
 MCTD M35.105
 PM/DM M60.992, M60.896, M33.905, M33.202+, M33.201, M33.102+, M33.101
 pSS M35.001
 RA M06.991, M06.881, M06.001, M05.951, M05.309+, M05.306+, M05.303+, M05.302, M05.301, M05.001
 SLE M32.901, M32.155+
 SpA M45.X91, L40.501+
 SSc M34.902, M34.901, M34.807+, M34.806+, M34.801+
 Vasculitis D89.153, D69.001, N05.903, M31.003, M30.101, M30.001, L95.902, L95.901, I77.851, I77.607, I77.605, I77.502, I77.601, M31.601, M31.505
Invasive mycoses
 Aspergillosis B44.051+, B44.101+, B44.102+, B44.103+, B44.151, B44.751, B44.752, B44.801, B44.901
 Coccidioidomycosis B38.052+, B38.151+, B38.201+, B38.451+, B38.751, B38.752, B38.901
 Fungal disease B49.X51
 Mucormycosis B46.001+, B46.151+, B46.251+, B46.451, B46.452, B46.501
 Mycosis B48.751, B49.XO1, B49.XO2, B49.XO4+, B49.XO5, B49.XO6, B49.XO7+, B49.XO9+, B49.X10+, B49.X11, B49.X12+, B49.X13+, B49.X14+, B49.X15, B49.X16+
 Penicilliosis B48.451
 Zygomycosis B46.952
  1. ICD-10 International Classification of Diseases-10, CTD connective tissue disease, MCTD mixed connective tissue disease, PM/DM polymyositis/dermatomyositis, pSS primary Sjogren’s syndrome, RA rheumatoid arthritis, SLE systemic lupus erythematosus, SpA spondyloarthrosis, SSc systemic sclerosis