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Table 3 Top 20 most significantly overrepresented biological process gene ontology terms in downregulated differentially expressed genes when comparing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) exposed to activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients with MSCs exposed to resting PBMCs from RA patients

From: RNA sequencing of mesenchymal stem cells reveals a blocking of differentiation and immunomodulatory activities under inflammatory conditions in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Category Term Genes in category DEGs in category p value FDR
p value
GO:0030198 Extracellular matrix organization 280 27 2.51E−11 7.88E−08
GO:0043062 Extracellular structure organization 280 27 2.51E−11 7.88E−08
GO:0032501 Multicellular organismal process 4070 128 1.65E−10 4.44E−07
GO:0007275 Multicellular organism development 3185 108 3.75E−10 7.84E−07
GO:0001501 Skeletal system development 357 28 8.09E−10 1.52E−06
GO:0044707 Single-multicellular organism process 3819 120 1.51E−09 2.36E−06
GO:0048731 System development 2834 98 1.77E−09 2.37E−06
GO:0009888 Tissue development 1147 54 2.54E−09 3.19E−06
GO:0048856 Anatomical structure development 3356 109 3.40E−09 4.00E−06
GO:0003008 System process 810 43 4.52E−09 5.00E−06
GO:0032502 Developmental process 3770 117 7.01E−09 7.33E−06
GO:0044767 Single-organism developmental process 3721 115 1.47E−08 1.46E−05
GO:0007155 Cell adhesion 890 44 2.26E−08 2.09E−05
GO:0022610 Biological adhesion 893 44 2.47E−08 2.09E−05
GO:0022617 Extracellular matrix disassembly 94 13 8.97E−08 6.49E−05
GO:0048513 Animal organ development 1980 72 1.20E−07 8.39E−05
GO:0030574 Collagen catabolic process 57 10 2.43E−07 1.63E−04
GO:0044243 Multicellular organism catabolic process 60 10 4.05E−07 2.54E−04
GO:0009653 Anatomical structure morphogenesis 1891 68 6.10E−07 3.59E−04
GO:0009887 Organ morphogenesis 617 32 1.76E−06 9.74E−04