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Fig. 5

From: The activin-follistatin anti-inflammatory cycle is deregulated in synovial fibroblasts

Fig. 5

Effect of activin A on synovial fibroblasts under inflammatory conditions. a Activin A suppressed follistatin in RA- and OASF independently of the presence of pro-inflammatory stimuli. b IL-6 was induced by TNFα and to a stronger extent by IL-1β (10 ng/ml each, n = 6) but follistatin or activin A did not induce more than 2-fold changes with activin A, and similar results were observed for VEGF (c, n = 6) as well as for proMMP-1 but without an effect on proMMP-1 when adding activin A (d, n = 7). sTNF-RI was induced by IL-1β but reduced by TNFα without an effect of activin A/follistatin (e, n = 4)

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