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Fig. 2

From: Type I interferon in patients with systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease is associated with haematological abnormalities and specific autoantibody profiles

Fig. 2

The ISG score is increased in a subset of SARD patients. a The number of patients with a positive ISG score varies between disease groups. Each data point represents a single subject according to their clinical diagnosis. The horizontal line shows the 95th centile for healthy subjects (ISG score of 2.466). b The ISG score is increased in patients with a greater number of autoantibodies. The total number of autoantibodies (excluding ANA) detected in each patient is shown. Comparisons are made against patients with specific autoantibodies (Dunn’s multiple comparison’s test), **p < 0.01, ****p < 0.0001. c The graph shows the predicted probabilities of a positive ISG score according to whether the patients have SLE (blue) or another SARD (red). These were obtained using logistic regression models adjusted for age, gender, ethnicity and concomitant mediation. The points and error bars show the mean and standard deviation of predicted probabilities

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