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Table 2 Antibody list

From: Chondrogenic induction of human osteoarthritic cartilage-derived mesenchymal stem cells activates mineralization and hypertrophic and osteogenic gene expression through a mechanomiR

Proteins Molecular weight (KD) Antibody origin Vendor Catalog#
β-ACTIN 45 Rabbit Cell Signaling cs-4970S
α-TUBULIN 50 Mouse Abcam ab-7291
SOX9 70 Rabbit Abcam ab-185966
RUNX2 57–60 Rabbit Abcam ab-23981
COL10A1 66 Mouse Abcam ab-49945
OCN 11 Rabbit Abcam ab-93876
CD166 IHC Mouse Abcam ab-175428
MMP13 60/IHC Rabbit Abcam ab-39012
Col10a1 IHC Rabbit Abcam ab-58632
ADAMTS5 75 Rabbit Santa Cruz sc-83186