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Fig. 2

From: Baseline urate level and renal function predict outcomes of urate-lowering therapy using low doses of febuxostat and benzbromarone: a prospective, randomized controlled study in a Chinese primary gout cohort

Fig. 2

Clinical factors associated with RAT. a Clinical risk factors associated with RAT in the Ben group. b Clinical factors associated with RAT in the Feb group. The data was analyzed by logistic regression multivariate analysis. Exp(B) = the exponent of b. The Exp(B) values indicated the risk to fail to achieve treatment target for each unit additional increase on the covariate. The “each unit” was 60 μmol /L in sUA, 10 mL min−1 1.73 m−2 in Ccr, present (1) or absent (0) in tophus, 1 kg in body weight, 1 year in duration of disease and age. **P < 0.01

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